Zalety wyboru podłóg warstwowych


The dimensions of the floor

The choice of floor dimensions is wide. It all depends on the customer’s preferences and the size of the space where the floor will be installed. With smaller areas, the floor of less dimensions will be better suitable. The width of the engineered flooring can be from 100 to even 300 mm, while the length up to 3000 mm.

Thickness of the toplayer

Depending on the choice, the toplayer of the engineered flooring can be up to 6 mm. Compared with a solidwood, this is a slight difference. The surface layer in traditional solidwood parquet that can be scraped is counted from the surface to the tongue (the parquet joining place) and is about 8 mm.

Dimensional stability

Thanks to its layered construction, the floor maintains excellent dimensional stability and is resistant to climate change. The cross construction the engineerd floor reduces the tendency of wood to warp and shrink. For this reason, the engeneered flooring is ideal for underfloor heating and in places with large fluctuations in humidity and temperature, ie holiday cottages, basements.

Floor heating

One of the many benefits of using a engineered flooring at home is its compatibility with underfloor heating. Thanks to its layerd construction, the engineered flooring keeps excellent dimensional stability and is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. The cross construction of the floor reduces the tendency to warp and shrink the wood.


A big advantage of engineered floor is the possibility to installing ready-made elements that have a finished surface with varinsh or oil. This is more complicated for a solidwood floor, which can only be finished after assembly. An additional downside is time. A solidwood floor or parquet can be painted after a period of about 2 weeks. In order to compensate for stresses and unevenness, such a floor should be scrimped and only after this action the surface can be finished.

Keeping clean

In the case of engineering floors, which have been finished with oil, an additional advantage is its greater anti-static. In practice, this means that the boards are less static and have less ability to attract dust. This is also an advantage for people with allergy or asthma symptoms.

Anti slip

Engineered flooring that are finished with oil are less slippery, because the wood texture causes its natural “slip resistance”. The oiled floor is ideal for public spaces, ie shopping malls, training and dance rooms. Oiled oiled boards are also a beneficial and safe solution in children’s rooms.


As with solidwood, the engineered floor can be renewed. During the scraping process, a layer of approx. 1 mm is scrimped, so it is possible to renew the engineered floor three or five times. It is necessary to glue the board to the basemant to be able to scrape the surface.