Before assembly

Engineered flooring

First of all, make sure that the amount of floor you have purchased is sufficient to cover the entire surface. It is assumed that the allowance for the ordered material in relation to the total space of the room should amount to approx. 7%. A prerequisite for proper assembly is to bring the enginereed floor about 48-72 hours before the planned assembly. This is to acclimate the floor and stabilize its parameters to the ambient conditions in which it will be installed. Before installation, the floor should also be checked for manufacturing defects. It is necessary to report any defects to the point of sale before installing the floor! As a result of the possibility of differences in the shades of particular boards, it is recommended to assemble elements from several packs at the same time, which will allow to obtain a more uniform color of the floor.


In a room where enginnered floor will be installed, other construction works should be completed, which may cause moisture in the building. It is also necessary to prepare the room in which the following parameters should prevail:

  • Air humidity in the room: 40 – 60%
  • Air temperature in the room: 18° – 22° C
  • Humidity of the substrate: cement up to 2%, anhydrite (gypsum screed) up to 0.5%, wooden up to 10%
  • Surface unevenness can not exceed 2 mm in length of 2 m
  • Wall humidity up to 3%

Make sure that the floor on which the floor will be installed is properly cleaned, and vacuumed (without residues of dust, paint, gypsum, etc.). In addition, the defects should be topped up in the event of any cracks in the floor. If the floor is installed on an “old surface”, any residue, i.e. adhesive residue, old floor coverings should be removed. In case the boards are installed on a wooden base, the blind floor should be stable and properly leveled. A blind floor, which is made of planks or boards, should be permanently attached to the joists and can not bend under load.

To carry out measurements of ground moisture and check the condition of the room, it is recommended to hire a company, that have properieted equipment to carry out the measurement and experience in assembly the floors.