Zachowanie odpowiednich warunków w pomieszczeniu a deska warstwowa


The difference in indoor air humidity during the year can reach up to 60% (in spring and summer over 90%, while in the “heating” period below 30%). Maintaining proper indoor conditions is important not only for wood, but above all for our health. It is worth remembering that the right temperature inside should be 18-22 ° C, while the humidity should be 50-60%.


Thanks to its layerd construction, it maintains excellent dimensional stability and is resistant to climate change. The cross construction reduces the tendency of wood to warp and shrink the engineered floor. For this reason, the such floors is ideally suited as a floor in places with large fluctuations in humidity and temperature, i.e. holiday cottages, basements.


It is a100% natural product that is susceptible to changes in air humidity. This is particularly noticeable when the seasons change. In the summer, during which the warm and humid climate prevails, the floor is exposed to warping (dilation). The longer impact of moist air on the floor causes the absorption of moisture contained in the air into the pores of the wood. Conversaly it is during the autumn and winter period. Heating a space and low moisture content in the freezing air cause that the planks automatically start to give off their moisture, which is bound in the structures of the wood. This causes the floor elements to begin to shrink and gaps may form between them.


Low humidity also means a lower temperature sensation. For example, at 30% humidity and 20 ° C, the heat sensation is lower than at 50% and 18 ° C. Maintaining proper humidity limits the consumption of heat needed to heat buildings, which has a positive effect on our personal budget. It is worth remembering that the cold air contains a very small amount of moisture, so airing the rooms during the winter brings the opposite effect to the intended. This is due to the fact that the introduction of dry air at low temperature causes a greater activity of the furnace that will heat the dry room.


Humidity is important not only for wood, but also for our health. The longer persistence of dry and warm air adversely affects the respiratory system and the skin, hair and eyes. Under these conditions, the nasal mucosa dries out which leads to reduced immunity. The use of air humidifiers is helpful in maintaining the proper humidity.

It is also worth remembering that ensuring adequate air humidity, ie 40-60%, is a prerequisite for proper floor installation.