Deski warstwowe na ogrzewaniu podłogowym



One of the many benefits of using a enginereed floor at home is its compatibility with underfloor heating. Thanks to its stacked construction the such floors maintains excellent dimensional stability and is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. The cross construction reduces the tendency of wood to warp and shrink the floor. For this reason, the engineered floor is ideal for underfloor heating. This solution is not only an effective heating solution, but also a great way to save space. In Scandinavian countries, floor heating often replaces traditional stoves and allows the entire house to be heated only with this method.


Make sure that the underfloor heating has been turned on before laying the floor. It not only tests the system, but remove also any moisture that is still in the screed. In addition, remember to avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity in the short term after installation. It is recommended that floor heating should not be turned off completely. If it is stopped, the floor becomes fully cooled. Switching the heating operation mode on again should take place in a controlled manner in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


The surface temperature of the floor can not exceed 27 ° C. This also applies to the areas located near radiators and places under furniture, carpets, etc. Wood is a natural material that should be able to “breathe”, so it is advisable to avoid laying thick carpets on the floor. It is not recommended to use steam devices or excessive water when cleaning the floor. At a room temperature of approx. 21 ° C, it is recommended to achieve a temperature of 23 ° C over the entire floor surface. Also, maintaining the right humidity (about 50%) will allow the wood to work optimally. Take special care that the hot water supply temperature does not exceed the maximum level and the heating installation instructions provided by the supplier have been correctly observed.


The article is to show you the benefits of engineered flooring on underfloor heating. However, the assembly and detailed use of such a solution should be consulted with the floor heating manufacturer.